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" Explore the world without leaving your chair thanks to this vintage map Macbook Case. A depiction of vast oceans and far-flung places, it will inspire you to dream big and travel more - once you've finished charting your course that is. Whether immense countries or tiny islands call you, you'll find them here. "

Macbook Premium Case - World Map

$59.99 - $69.99
20% OFF Mid Year Sale Code: MIDYEAR
Macbook Premium Case
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1685 reviews
Raewyn (Dunedin, NZ)
Love my MacBook case

I love that I was able to design my own personalised case - it looks awesome and was delivered very quickly

Tammy Rees (Perth, AU)

Looks great and easy to fit would not hesitate to order again

Lyn Smith (Central Coast, AU)
Butterfly delight

I am very happy with my purchase. The ordering process was easy (the hard part was deciding on a design). Delivery was quick and product was a good as I had hoped.

Tayla Druce (Sydney, AU)

So happy with this stunning case, everyone that sees it always comments on how gorgeous it is. Great quality!

Fangling Wu (Morecambe, GB)

I recently purchased a MacBook case, and I'm very pleased with the quality of the material and the overall design. The case feels durable and looks stylish. However, there's one issue with the placement of custom words. When I open my MacBook, the words are flipped and unreadable unless I turn my MacBook around.

I designed the words myself, but a helpful reminder during the design process about the best placement would have been great. For anyone looking to add their own words to the case, be mindful to place the text at the bottom of the Apple logo to ensure it's readable when the MacBook is open. Overall, a great product but with a minor design suggestion for future customers

Finding the right product(s) for your device can be a bit confusing, especially as newer models come out. Follow our guide below to locate your MacBook model.

By Model Number

You can use your MacBook's model number to locate the right product. On the surface of your MacBook, Close your MacBook and turn it over. The Model Number is on the underside of the Macbook , near the regulatory markings. In the first line of text, you will then locate the model identifier/number as seen in the photo below. 

# Options Model # Year Status
1 12" Macbook (2015-2019) A1534 A1534 2015 - 2019 Discontinued
2 13" Air (New Design) A1932,A2179 A1932,A2179 2018 - Current Current
3 13" Pro A1706,A1708,A1989,A2159 A1706
2016 - Current Current
4 15" Pro A1707,A1990 A1707
 2016 - Current Current
4 16" Pro A2141 A2141  2019 - Current Current
5 11" Air (2010-2015) A1465,A1370 A1370
 2010 - 2015 Discontinued
6 13" Air (2008-2017) A1466,A1369 A1237
 2008 - 2017 Discontinued
7 13" Pro Retina (2012-2015) A1425,A1502 A1425
 2012 - 2015 Discontinued
8 15" Pro Retina (2012-2015) A1398 A1398  2012 - 2015 Discontinued
9 13" Pro SuperDrive (2009–2011) A1278  2009 - 2011 Discontinued
10 15" Pro SuperDrive (2009–2011) A1286  2009 - 2011 Discontinued



Designed for protection and style, VistaCase's Macbook Cover is the ultimate slim-fit hardshell case for your MacBook. The precision-tooled case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable to protect your computer from the unforeseen shocks of daily life. Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip on all types of surfaces, and elevate your MacBook to keep a steady flow of air circulating underneath your device. The case's micro-clip design allows for simple, snap-on installation and easy removal in seconds. This Macbook Cover is surface-treated with a specialized coating to offer supreme scratch resistance.

#1 best-selling protection:
Equip your laptop with the #1 best-selling hardshell case for all MacBook models.
Textured, matte finish:
Scratch-resistant finish provides comfortable grip and resists fingerprints and smudges.
On-the-go protection:
Form-fitting, matte hard shell keeps scuffs and scratches at bay.
Stay cool:
Rubberized anti-tilt feet and vent slots keep your MacBook from overheating.
Sleek design:
Ultra-thin and lightweight two-piece design is easy to snap on and off.
100% Polycarbonate
11" Air (2010-2015) - 7.2oz / 205g
12" Macbook (2015-2019) - 6.17oz / 175g
13" Air (2008-2017) - 9.84oz / 279g
13" Air (2018-2019) - 7.68oz / 218g
13" Pro (2016-2019) - 7.76oz / 220g
15" Pro (2016-2019) - 11.46oz / 325g
13" Pro (2012-2015) - 8.60oz / 244g
15" Pro (2012-2015) - 13.54oz / 384g

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