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Which Kindle Should You Buy (2018)?

Posted on by Bidan Gong 0 comments

The Amazon Kindle is regarded as the best e-reader you can buy,. With over a million ebooks available to download, it’s easy to see why Kindles are the most popular reading devices.  however, the company offers several types of Kindles and it isn’t an easy task to pick one for yourself. In this guide, we will look into different Kindles and we will tell you which kindle should you buy in 2018. Let’s get started.

How we tested the Kindles?

In 2018, The Amazon is offering 4 models of Kindles and each model is gear toward the specific users. There are many aspects which you can find common in all of these 4 models like you will get the full access to the entire Amazon Kindle Store, 6 inch touchscreen e-ink display, and Wi-Fi connectivity.However, these Kindles are different from each other on the basis of factors like affordability, usability etc. So we also tested the Kindles on these factors and we have some thoughts which we will share in this guide.

Amazon Kindle (8th Generation)

Amazon Kindle was released in June 2016 and still in 2018, no other kindle can beat this model in term of value. It is also the cheapest kindle in the Amazon Kindle lineup but still its offer so much good features that it is regarded as the best Kindle. Overall, the dimension of this Kindle is 6.7 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches so in term of dimension, it is quite compact and with an overall weight of 6.7 ounces, it is very easy to handle. The Build Quality of Amazon Kindle 8th generation isn’t top notch, you get the cheap plastic however overall build is decent and it totally worth the money. This particular model comes with the pixel density of 167 ppi which is decent but still, it is low as compared to other models. Amazon offers two variants of this particular model to its users. You can get it for $109AUD at Amazon, officeworks or JB Hi-Fi.

Why should you buy Amazon Kindle (8th Generation)?

The targeted audience of this Kindle is the people who want the simple kindle without any fancy features. If you are one of those people, then you will love the Amazon Kindle (8th Generation). We recommended kindle for young readers or price conscious customers.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the 2nd offering in the Amazon Kindle lineup. This particular model in our opinion offers the perfect balance between the price and features. The dimensions of Kindle Paperwhite is 6.7 x 4.6 x 0.36 and weight is 7.2 ounces so it is a little heavier than regular Amazon Kindle (8th generation) which is not a big deal. Most probably you won’t feel any difference in terms of weight when you will carrying both kindles on your hand. However, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes with the backlit screen and 3G capability. The pixel density of this model is also 300 ppi which is much better than the regular Kindle with 167 ppi. The build quality of Kindle Paperwhite is good and it is also very easy to handle thanks to the rubbery texture on the back which allows much better grip. In a nutshell, you will be paying around $179 AUD at Amazonofficeworks or JB Hi-Fi  for better build quality, backlit screen and 3G connectivity which isn’t a bad deal overall.

Why should you buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular model in the kindle product line. It is for those people who want a backlit screen and 3G connectivity. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite also offers better build quality and overall feel as compared to the Amazon Kindle (8th generation). So if you are willing to pay around $179 AUD for a good reading experience then Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is for you. 

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage is the third offering in the Amazon Kindle Lineup and it is more on the premium side as it cost around $199 to $250 depending on which variant you pick. Overall, the basic features of Kindle Voyage are pretty similar to Kindle Paperwhite, you get the backlit, 6in touchscreen display and pixel density of 300 ppi. However, there are some other unique features which make it different from Kindle Paperwhite. The Build quality of Kindle Voyage is top notch, it is what you expect from a high-end kindle. It is also much lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite with a net weight of only 6.3 ounces. Kindle Voyage also comes with a light sensor which automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the light around you. It also includes the PagePress sensors on either side of the screen which you can use to switch the pages without moving your hands and it also makes it easy to use the kindle voyage with one hand.

Why should you buy Amazon Kindle Voyage?

Amazon Kindle Voyage is for those people who want the premium features but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The basic variant of this model is available for $199.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2nd generation was released in 2017 and it is the best Kindle you can buy. Overall functionalities are similar to other high-end kindles, but Kindle Oasis comes with unique design and premium build quality which you won’t find in any other Kindle. Amazon Kindle Oasis features the original wedge shape design which was also featured in original Kindle Oasis and this revolutionary design put the weight in your hand which makes it easy for you to handle the Kindle with one hand but allows you to use it for longer periods. It also features the physical buttons on the side of the screen which makes it easy to turn the page. The 2nd generation Kindle oasis, also feature aluminum chassis which give it the premium looks and feel. The basic variant of Kindle Oasis comes with 8 GB of storage and Wifi and it starts around $389AUD and it goes up to $497AUD depending on the variant you pick.

Why should you buy Amazon kindle Oasis?

Amazon Kindle Oasis is best for those who want the best Kindle ever made. It comes with a unique design, premium build quality ,the lightest, thinnest and longest-lasting battery which totally worth the money.


Amazon offers a wide range of kindles which are geared toward the different types of e-readers. We highly recommend Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis if you have deep pocket. We hope that you will find our guide useful. If you have any questions please do let us know in the comment section below.

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